On-site “shop”

On-site activity for individuals to use when unable to access community due to COVID-19 crisis

The Willows have come up with a great idea to support individuals in their service who are used to accessing the community to visit local shops to buy tangible food items and other meaningful items

Due to the COVID-19 crisis many of our individuals have been advised to stay within the service so the Willows have created their own inhouse ‘shop’

The concept of making a ‘shop’ on site has been implemented for individuals we support to visit during the day to ‘purchase’ the items they would usually buy when in the community

This ‘shop’ will be stocked using petty cash and include:

  • Soft drinks – bottled and cans
  • Variety of snack chocolate bars
  • Crisps
  • Variety of small bagged sweets (Haribo etc.)
  • Magazines and TV guides
  • Biscuits/cookies etc.
  • Clearance DVDs and CDs from supermarkets
  • Sausage rolls
  • Coffee takeaway cups (simulate buying from Café)

The individuals would still exchange money for those items as they would in the community; with even the opportunity of some individuals running the shop by ensuring there is enough of the items and ensuring all money calculations are carried out

For those who don’t routinely visit the shop; a daily visit to the shop would be positive to break up the day and provide positive interactions between staff and other individuals whilst creating a simulated social environment that they may not usually access

Today was the first day and appeared to be a great success. We ensured the social distancing rule was adhered to and only one PWS was allowed in at a time