Download the intranet app!

You can now save the NCG Intranet as an app on your Android or iOS devices.

Keep up to date with all things NCG by having an easy to use app function that allows you to access all the stories and information you need in one place.

How to download the app on an Android

1.Visit the NCG Intranet on your web browser.

You will see a pop-up below which says ‘Add NCG Intranet to Home Screen’

Press on the pop-up

2.Press Add when prompted

3.After a few seconds, you can see that the Intranet has been saved onto your home screen

How to download the app on iOS

1.Visit the intranet on your web browser.

Press the icon that is circled in red in the above example.

2.Scroll through the menu to find ‘Add to Home Screen’

3.Press Add

4.After a few seconds, the intranet will be saved on your home screen