Outstanding Achievement Award Winners: Wellington Support

National Care Group are delighted to announce that the staff team at Wellington Support have won the Outstanding Achievement Award!

The winners include: Lee Jones, Marvin Wright and Sonny Wills.

The team showed PassionEmpowermentRespect and Collaboration, in the work they do and are deserving winners of this month’s award.

Their story…

The team worked hard to improve the daily structure, diet, personal care, confidence, anxiety issues and social interaction of an individual they support.

Before moving in 8 months ago, the individual lacked adequate personal hygiene, relying on prompts from the team to take a shower and to clean his room.

The team created a daily routine planner, which helped organise his day, and gave him a set time frame for when to do tasks, such as having a shower daily and organizing his room.

Since the planner has been put into place, the individual no longer needs prompts and requires little support from staff.

The team have also helped the individual visit the town centre and local shops, building his confidence and allowing him to interact with others.

Probably the biggest achievement is that the individual in is learning how to drive, one of his life goals, he was granted a provisional license for driving automatic cars.

He is being supported to find a driving instructor who had experience of teaching students with mental health problems and learning difficulties.

The individual development has not gone unnoticed with IPC funding teams, Psychiatric Doctor and family all commenting that his is presenting better than ever in terms of independence and engagement with daily living.