#Mondaymotivation: Darren achieving his ‘goal’

Darren has had a life-long passion for football.

He is a big Crystal Palace fan and used to watch games with his Dad when he was younger.

Whilst living with his parents, Darren played for Tonbridge Disability FC, but since moving into his supported living services, he has missed playing in a team.

Darren sat with staff and looked up local disability football teams and came across the Maidstone Raiders.

Staff contacted the manager of the team and they invited Darren to come for a practice session.

Darren went along to Maidstone United and had a fantastic time combining his passion with meeting new friends and increasing his fitness.

Darren has visited the stadium on many occasions now.

He has spoken with Bill Williams, Chairman of the football club, and even has a signed book by him.

Darren has been working hard to show his dedication and passion for football and this has been noticed by the team manager who has said that he can ‘see the hunger in his belly’.

Darren now attends training sessions every Saturday morning and is eagerly anticipating his first game which he hopes will be soon.

He enjoys staff and peers coming along to support him.