Endurance Care: Terje’s Indoor Garden

Terje, an individual we support, enjoys spending his time outdoors where he is able to play with grass and collect twigs.

In a green environment, Terje is able to feel happy and relaxed, and his staff team thought it would be a great idea to reflect this environment indoors.

His support staff worked with the Occupational Therapists to turn Terje’s room into a safer room that promotes a sensory environment.

They ensured the room had the look and feel of his garden, with a lot of the items being green and with some decorative plants being placed around the room.

Soft pads were added to the walls and a wind chime was hung up as well.

Terje loves his new room and and is happy that he is able to still enjoy the activities he loves indoors.

A huge thank you must go to the staff team, who respected Terje’s wishes when it came to his room, they worked incredibly hard to ensure that Terje was given every oppotunity to have the room that best suits him.

Well done to everyone involved!