Induction Day for new starters!

New starters at Affinity Supporting People, our North West care service, were welcomed into their new role with an ‘Induction Day’ giving them the perfect opportunity to settle into their new surroundings and find out more about NCG.

The Induction took place at the Head Office, Accrington, with Robert Barham, Trainer, conducting the induction for our new starters.

Robert welcomed the new starters with a comprehensive look at all things NCG!

The Induction was split into different sections, the first focusing on introducing National Care Group to our new starters.

Staff were made aware of the company’s Vision and Mission…

And how our corporate values should be reflected in their day-to-day role…

The next section focused on discussion based activities, with several case studies and scenarios being posed to staff members such as…

  • How do we promote privacy and dignity?
  • Why is Duty of Care important?
  • What is Person-Centred Values?

  • How can we implement active participation?
  • What rights do the people we support have?

Such topics really helped new starters to interact and engage with each other, address their view points and help understand why these topics need to be discussed.

Staff discussions were encouraged

Staff were also taught Basic Life Support, giving them the opportunity to learn how to perform potentially life saving procedures.

The training featured practical exercises including mandatory CPR training, which all staff participated in.

Staff taking part in CPR training

Staff provided positive feedback on their ‘Induction Day’ and are really looking forward to continuing their training for the next few days.

Happy new starters!