Wellington host a ‘Quality in Care’ workshop

Senior members of staff at Wellington Support Services organised a workshop to discuss the importance of Quality and Compliance within their services.

Mateusz Waskowski, Area Operations Manager, spoke about why the meeting needed to take place:

Wellington and Care Assure went through the process of many changes over the past year, the aim of this workshop was to create some synergy within our services and ensure we are working as a team to achieve our goal.

Quality was the central focus of the meeting

The workshop consisted of discussions lead by Alex Costa, Regional Operations Manager, who reflected on current practices and ways to improve the quality of service we deliver:

The quality of care we provide will always be the priority, we need to ensure we are embedding this into the culture of our services. Whilst we are happy with the care we provide, we should be aiming for more.

James Allen, Chief Executive Officer, was also in attendance as a guest speaker, who discussed how the Executive Team were going to be promoting quality through collaborative thinking that reflects our values.

We want our care services to be more ambitious to further unlock the potential of the people we support – quality of care plays a vital role in achieving this.

The main points that were taken from the meeting were:

  • Shared vision of NCG
  • Emphasis on compliance
  • Creating the correct frameworks
  • Developing the tools to support staff
  • Effective use of time management
  • Better quality of data capturing

Staff at Wellington are confident that the meeting will greatly benefit the team and boost the morale around the service.