National Storytelling Week: South East

It’s Chapter 3 in our celebration of National Storytelling Week.

We will be sharing stories from our care services in the South East region.

 Endurance Care: Decorating our home!

Staff at Rectory House got together to find ways to improve the communication skills of the individuals they support.

Endurance painting
Art attack!

After a discussion with the people they support, they decided that the best way to help them express themselves was through art!

Everyone had lots of fun painting their canvases, with many individuals showcasing their skills and personality in their painting.

They even got to hang their final art pieces in the dining room for everyone to see!

Jamesons: James’ progression

James, an individual we support at Cornflower Close, moved into his Supported Living service in April.

James dropping off his letter

Since moving in, James has come a long way in developing his skills, especially his communication skills.

Having previously lived in a long-term residential placement, James now feels more independent and is able to go out and do activities that he enjoys. Although he visits his parents every fortnight, he also enjoys exchanging letters and cards with them, especially as he likes to write.

He also likes to post the letters himself!


Endurance Care: Ricky’s road to recovery

Ricky, a resident at Rectory House, has been working hard with his physiotherapist and staff to gain his mobility back after suffering a stroke back in May.

Ricky feeding the rabbits

There are so many things that Ricky loves to do, and because of his strong will and can-do attitude, he is quickly regaining his independence.

In his recovery process, Ricky has been doing a variety of activities, including tidying his room every day, including hoovering and mopping the floor, and putting his clothes away – doing all these without the need of assistance from his staff.

Ricky is also taking part in physical activities such as going for walks to help strengthen his mobility and feeding the rabbits that live outside his home.

ricky 1
Well done Ricky!

A special mention goes to his staff team who have worked incredibly hard in order to get him back on his feet and giving him the opportunity to do activities that he loves, such as baking.


Matt Lay, Registered Manager, said: “We are all so proud of Ricky’s development, especially given how he has quickly bounced back after the stroke. The staff team should be credited for their role in his development, well done!”



Westward Care: Staff organise a music festival!

Staff at Westward Care wanted to organise an event which could allow the individuals we support at The Willows and 8 Acres to come together and intereact with one another.

It was clear that the people we support at Westward really enjoyed their music, however attending a music festival would be challenging for them, that is why a music festival was organised at one of the services, where staff came together and showed great team spirit in ensuring everything was planned, equipment was in place and that the festival ran smoothly.

Everyone had a great time singing and dancing to the music

The festival was called WestFest 2019, and on the day, everyone was able to enjoy an alternative festival in the safety of a familiar and friendly environment.

Jason Perry, Regional Operations Manager, said: “I’m proud of how the staff teams from both locations showed initiative and creativity in organising a music festival. They really showed a collaborative atmosphere, with everyone getting the chance to pitch their ideas and it’s great to see it all went successfully. Well done team!”

Endurance Care: Terje’s Indoor Garden

Terje, an individual we support, loves being outdoors!

terje plant
Terge loves his room!

He likes to play with the grass and leaves, whilst he also enjoys collecting twigs as it makes him happy and relaxed in a environment that is green and peaceful.

To help Terje feel the same way indoors, his keyworker worked with the occupational therapists to gather ideas on how best to make him room more sensory and safer for him.

The staff did an incredible job in decorating his room, planting decorative leaves and even purchasing green pillows to keep the same aesthetic that Terje likes.

Westward: Soji trip to Norwich

Soji and his Support Worker took a train to Norwich, where he got to do some shopping!

soji trip
Soji was all smiles!

He was able to buy some new clothes and really enjoyed the train ride.

After his shopping, Soji attended the local Fireworks display in Attleborough and ad a lot of fun in the ball pit in the fun house!