Endurance Care: Diana goes on a long awaited holiday

Since moving in to her new service, Diana has been wanting to go on a holiday after many years of not being able to.

Due to her finances, staff said they would support her to save for a holiday with a budget plan and after saving up, she went to New Beach holiday camp during the first week of June.

She enjoyed her holiday so much that when she got back she asked her support staff to go on another holiday.

Dianna 1

Due to her individual wishes/choice, staff booked her another holiday at new beach.

This time she had even better weather, enjoying her time on the beach going into the sea, as well as going to the zoo, going out on the bus, activities on camp (especially pottery) and the evening entertainment in the clubhouse.

After years of not going on a holiday, Diana, with the help of her support staff, was able to go to two in a year, and it is great to see that she was able to have an input in the palces she wanted to visit and the activities.