Our Values: Respect

How does National Care Group define RESPECT?

‘Supportive I Considerate I Honest I Encouraging I Empathetic’

As a nationwide care provider, we want the people we support and our staff to have equal opportunities to grow and develop within National Care Group.

No matter what disability or social background, everyone at NCG deserves RESPECT and feel accepted for who they are.

How do we RESPECT the individuals we support?

We aim to support people to maximise their potential by providing them the high quality support they require to thrive at our care services.

We want to give them the opportunity to lead the lifestyle of their choosing and maintain their independence within their local community.

By listening to what they need or want to achieve, our care services work hard to ensure the individual is given every chance to reach their potential or do activities that they would find beneficial.

Our person-centred approach and active participation care model ensures that the people we support are involved in all decisions regarding their own care.

We never judge people based on their disabilities and encourage them to be independent and get involved in activities that they enjoy.

How do we RESPECT our staff?

We aim to provide the necessary frameworks that gives our staff the opportunity to grow and develop at NCG.

Whether you’re a Support Worker or a Manager, we want you to achieve your goals and play a role in helping you progress in your career.

From Line Manager training to our ‘Career / Leadership Lift’ we RESPECT your opinions and want to guide you across your journey at National Care Group.

We take your feedback very seriously, and over the coming months, we will be launching several surveys to help you provide you feedback and opinions about how we can improve your service.

What can we all do to promote RESPECT?

We have two commitments to promoting RESPECT at National Care Group…

High Five Blue
Support one another and enable people to feel valued and appreciated
Respect Blue 2
Work with others as a team to accomplish results and succeed

NCG will motivate you and provide you the tools to achieve your goals