Endurance Care: Ricky’s road to recovery

Ricky, a resident at Rectory House, has been working hard with his physiotherapist and staff to gain his mobility back after suffering a stroke back in May.

There are so many things that Ricky loves to do, and because of how strong will and can do attitude, he is quickly regaining his independence. ricky-1.jpg

In his recovery process, Ricky has been doing a variety of activities, including tudying his room every day, including hoovering and mopping the floor, and putting his clothes away – doing all these without the need of assistance from his staff.

Ricky is also taking part in physical activities such as going for walks to help strengthen his mobility and feeding the rabbits that live outside his home.

ricky2A special mention goes to his staff team who have worked incredibly hard in order to get him back on his feet and giving him the opportunity to do activities that he loves, such as baking.

Matt Lay, Registered Manager, said:

We are all so proud of of Ricky’s development, especially given how he has quickly bounced back after the stroke. The staff team should be credited for their role in his development, well done!