International Day of Persons with Disabilities

National Care Group would like to wish everyone a Happy International Disabled Persons Day!

International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD) was created by the United Nations in 1992 and celebrates those individuals who don’t define themselves by their disability, but by their achievements.

As a national care provider, we have always wanted to encourage the people we support to maximize their potential and exceed even their own expectations.

Whether its through active participation or support them completing their studies, our support staff are committed to ensuring the ambitions of the individual can be achieved.

To celebrate International Disables Person Day, we have selected some of our favorite stories of 2019 that feature the people we support, with each story reflecting at least one of our core values…

Passion I Empowerment I Respect I Collaboration

Affinity: Cheering for Affinity FC!

Staff and the people we support at Affinity Supporting People, have created their own football team, featuring a mix of the people we support and their support staff.

The football team was created to help the people we support get involved in local activities and interact with other individuals within the care services.


Staff worked closely with the individuals we support to ensure that training / practices were organised on days that suited them and that they were able to have fun.

The team played their first competitive game on 18th October in a football tournament which has been desgined for people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health.

Sam Beardsworth, Team Leader, who helped to organise the team and captains them said: “It’s fantastic to see the people we support and our staff come together to play a game of football and compete with others on a similar skill level.”

Leah Whelan, Registered Manager, was delighted for the team: “Well played everyone, a great team spirit and can only get better throughout the season!”

Well done to Affinity FC and everyone at NCG would like to wish you all the best for the rest of the season!

National Neurological Services: James progress at Rosglen, Barnsley

James Wood moved into Rosglen in April, and as a wheelchair user, he was unable to walk and could barely weight bare, he was a 2-person transfer and was unable to wash or shower himself.

Initially, James was not engaging with staff or other residents and was not eating or taking his insulin, whilst also struggling with alcoholism.

james ros

5 months later, James is now self-medicating, on a steady diet and enjoys interacting with his fellow residents, including his new best friend, Maggy the dog who lives with him.

He has also steadily reduced his alcohol intake and aims to continue his progress with this throughout the rest of the year.

And to top it all off… James is also showing incredible progress with his walking, using the railing to help him with his steps.

james ros 2

A special mention must go to the amazing staff at Rosglen, who were dedicated to improving James life and went the ‘extra mile’ in his progress.

A fantastic example of how committed everyone involved at Rosglen was in ensuring James felt motivated and Empowered to achieving his goals and ensuring he is making steady and effective progress in such a short space of time.

Well done to everyone at Rosglen and especially to James for his amazing achievement!

Face 2 Face: Gemma’s progress

Gemma Maycroft came to Face2Face in 2014 and had initially received around the clock support from staff.

gemma face to face

Gemma has improved on developing her daily living skills and works alongside staff to learn budgeting, cooking and other skills.

She has now moved into her own flat with a private tenancy and doesn’t’ require as much support from the staff as she used to.

Gemma has also received some great news recently, as she has been selected by the Gloucestershire Constabulary as a Community Police Cadet!

Everyone at National Care Group would like to congratulate Gemma on this amazing achievement and wish her all the best as a Police Cadet!

Shelton Care: Darren’s weight loss journey

Darren has been living at Oak House for a year and since moving, Darren has been working hard on his weight loss.

shelton weight loss

Justine Jones, Registered Manager, was delighted for Darren: “We are so proud of his progress and the difference is absolutely amazing.”

The team at Oak House have been helping Darren throughout his journey, who were committed to helping him achieve his goal.

A special thank you to Ana Gomes, Key Worker, who helped Darren settle into Oak House and to start his Journey.

Endurance Care: Darren’s road to employment 

Darren Forward, resident at Robin Avenue, has been successful in getting a trial job at McDonalds.


After having to leave his previous job at McDonalds due to moving to my new accommodation, Darren has been actively seeking new employment opportunities in the area.

To help with his job seeking, his support staff were able to support Darren in trying to find a suitable job.

This included updating his CV and searching for job alerts in the local area.

After sending his CV to many businesses, Darren was able to gain employment at a McDonalds in Maidstone.

Darren is now on a 6-week voluntary trial in the hope of gaining full-time employment at the chain by the end of it.

Darren is excited to start working again and earning some money for himself: “I am excited to earn my own money and feel independent again, if I save up, I can hopefully by myself a PlayStation!”

Essential Care and Support: Ian’s trip to Wembley

Ian Craig has been living at The Grange for five years and is a massive Sunderland fan and has got a season ticket for their home games.

sunderland image

He has dreamt of going to Wembley to watch his team play, and when Sunderland reached the League 1 Play-Off Final, his support staff gave him the opportunity to arrange a trip and he jumped at the chance.

Ian was so excited about going and he arranged his tickets and travelled on the supporter’s bus along with other fans and he really enjoyed himself.

Unfortunately, Sunderland lost the final 2-1 to Charlton, but Ian didn’t let the score get him down, as he said it was the best experience he’s ever had!

This has been a massive achievement for Ian and it’s a pleasure to see him all excited from beginning to end of the experience.

Endurance Care: Emma’s goal to walk

In early February, Emma expressed a wish to be able to more independent with her mobility.

Emma has always been reliant on a wheelchair and stand aid and was excited at the idea she could start to walk!


On 28th March, Emma attended her first trampolining session at the re-bound centre in Gillingham. She has been attending every Wednesday for half an hour with the goal to strengthening her leg muscles.

Since this has started Emma has been standing to transfer with only the aid of a handling belt. Emma enjoys trampolining as she has lots of fun with the instructors.

Endurance Care: Matthew soaks up the sun in Tenerife

For the first time in 10 years, Matthew Brown, was able to set off to the South of Tenerife.

With the amazing work and dedication shown by his team, Matthew was able to have a holiday of a life time in February.


Matthew was able to have an 8 day get away in the coast of Los Cristianos, where he was able to enjoy the beach and warm weather.

A 5-day excursion was arranged, visiting the towns and local beaches that have been adapted for all disabilities.

A day to visit Las Americas packed full of restaurants, gift shops and fantastic night life for those that have disabilities.

Matthew was consulted regularly, from travel and medical insurance to booking flights, all aspects of the package were created to match the care package provided to Matthew.

Matthew for many years has expressed that he has wanted to go abroad on holiday, and during the end of last year Peter sat down with Matthew and came together with a plan.

Affinity: Sophie completes her level one in Animal Care!

sophie animal care

Sophie is currently studying for her Animal Care certificate and recently passed her exam where she received a Merit!

Everyone at National Care Group would like to congratulate Sophie on her achievement and would like to wish her the best of luck on the course.

Keep up the hard work!

Affinity: Dominic continues his development


Dominic enjoys a wide variety of activities and has recently been excelling at Tinker Brook Tree Nursery.

The nursery, located in East Lancashire, provides therapeutic activities such as tree nursery, gardening and food growing, for people with learning difficulties.

Dominic has been developing his skills in building bird boxes, digging and his favorite, planting seeds.

NCG would like to congratulate Dominic on his development and continue his amazing work!