Popcorn Pass Rewards to become Digital Perks tomorrow!

Popcorn Pass Rewards will become Digital Perks tomorrow, for those who have a Digital Perks account, you will received an email regarding this today.

Popcorn Pass Rewards, our exclusive employee discounts / rewards provider, will be rebranding to Digital Perks tomorrow and to coincide with their relaunch, their website will be having a complete redesign which allows you to access the latest discounts and offers in a more accessible way.digital perks image 1

Whether you’re looking for the latest cinema discounts from up to 40% or want to save up to 57% off at some of the UK’s biggest attractions, you will still be able to access all the discounts in an easier way.

To ensure existing users will not have to reactivate their accounts, all existing accounts will automatically be transferred over to the new portal on the day of the relaunch.

A new feature that NCG will be launching with Digital Perks is our bespoke ‘Value Medals’ feature that managers can award their high performing staff along with a gift award of their choice.

medals values

The ‘Value Medals’ are inspired by our 4 core values, Passion, Empowerment, Respect and Collaboration, with each value getting a dedicated medal that can be rewarded to a staff member who has performed a task or achieved something that reflects one or all of Our Values. This will again be rolled out on the day of the relaunch and can only be accessed by the designated admin and Registered Manager of the service.digital perks image 2

Other features include a personalised dashboard that has our corporate colours and a ‘My Accounts’ page that allows you to see how much money you have saved whilst using Digital Perks!

We are really looking forward to the rebrand launch and are excited to see how the website will help our staff access discounts and start saving money!

REMINDER: Business Administrators and Registered Managers WILL be responsible for managing their services Digital Perks portal, including, adding new accounts, removing accounts of staff members who have left the service and for rewarding staff with medals and gift cards.

If you are a Business Administrator or Registered Manager and are not yet made admin by the time of the relaunch, you must contact ali@nationalcaregroup.com immediately to resolve this.