Register to Vote

Application deadline in England and Wales is 12th December 2019

Please view the following link to register:

The Executive Team at National Care Group would like to remind all our staff and individuals we support to register to vote before the deadline.

As mentioned, we are also reminding the people we support to register to vote and would like to encourage our staff in ensuring that they are reminding individuals as to registering and helping them if necessary

James Allen, CEO of National Care Group, said: “As a nationwide provider of care, we are always looking to remind the people we support of their rights and choices that they can make.

That is why we are encouraging them to register to vote and would like for them to get involved.”

Mike Cleasby, Quality Director of National Care Group, gave some advice on helping the people we support with registering: “All our staff should promote the election at any upcoming communal meetings or individually in key working, whilst also allowing individuals the opportunity to speak to canvassers and have access to information through the door.”