NCG launches the ‘Shining Stars’ course

Staff at several of our care services attended the first ‘Shining Stars’ course which took place at the NCG Head Office, Accrington.  The Shining Stars course is part of the recently launched “Leadership Lift” programme which is designed for our Future Leaders and offers professional growth.


  • Anne Marie Vendy, Essential Care and Support
  • Eve Collis, Essential Care and Support
  • Jake Warburton, Shelton Care Group
  • Jane Grant, National Neurological Services
  • Julie Cowens, Highlea Homes
  • Louise Bloor, Shelton Care Group
  • Mandy Berry, Affinity Supporting People
  • Matt Armstrong, Affinity Supporting People
  • Nicola Sylvester, Shelton Care Group

The 2-day course aimed to support our staff with their professional growth and develop their leadership qualities and skills to increase their performance within their services.

The course featured a wide variety of training and teaching methods, including a presentation, group discussion, role play activities and questionnaires, which allowed all participants to interact with one another and take on ideas that they may find beneficial.

The course was hosted by Chloé Moore, HR Director at NCG and Keeley Mitchell, Head of National Neurological Services, who found the course highly beneficial for staff:

“The Shining Stars course was a great opportunity for a group of our future leaders to network and share best practice.  We are looking forward to rolling this out nationally to provide further development opportunities to our employees.”

The 2 days proved to be a very successful, with feedback from participants being unanimously positive.

Matt Armstrong, Service Manager, said:

“I found the course both enjoyable and informative, it was great to understand the different ways we can effectively manage our teams and how we can incorporate other ideas to benefit us. I am looking forward to apply these teachings into my day to day role”

Julie Cowens, Registered Manager, found meeting staff at other care services was a great idea:

 “I think meeting managers at other care services was really beneficial, we were able to interact, share ideas and understand how they manage their services. It is also good to collaborate with others as we tend to work in our own bubble.” 

At the end of the course, each participant was presented with a certificate, and all paused for a group photo!

IMG_6684 333

Congratulations to all participants on their certificates and we hope that the topics learnt in the course will benefit their roles.