Favour House wins the Outstanding Achievement Award

National Care Group are delighted to announce that Endurance Care have won this month’s Outstanding Achievement Award!

The winners include, Fran Bryne, Dawn Dicks, Jane Wright, Janet Bryant, Nadine Lambert.

The team showed PassionEmpowermentRespect and Collaboration, in the work they do and are deserving winners of this month’s award.

Their story…

The team have worked extremely hard learning how to create, develop and review support plans and risk assessments.

The team have had to break old habits in order to ensure safety and best practice, all of which has been made easier, due to the positive attitude of the team.

Staff have been supported to complete training and have been 100% compliant for some time now. The staff have also developed confidence in doing their online training.

The staff have embraced the changes and are doing extremely well in continuing to implement the changes we have made together.

Kelly Smith, Registered Manager, was delighted for the team: “I couldn’t be prouder of them and their hard work and perseverance, with improving our service. The service has had a few challenging moments over the past year and I’m sure such recognition will really motivate them to continue to improve.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank NCG for such an award, I know how much it will mean for the team and how it further boosts them.”

There have been several changes for the staff at the service, with the team developing a variety of skills and knowledge to help them provide high quality care expected from them.

In that time, the team have been open and honest about where they could improve their performance.

James Allen, CEO, praised the attitude and willingness to learn new skills: “The team at Endurance have really come a long way and a lot of it has to be down to how the staff have embraced change.

The staff should be commended for consistently producing high quality support and for how they have adapted.”

The team were really proud to have won the award: “It’s really lovely to have the recognition for all the hard work everyone has put in as a team.

We would all like to thank NCG and the judges for voting for our team to win this award.

It will really motivate us to continue to improve and work even harder!”

Everyone at NCG would like to congratulate the team on winning this month’s award.

Well done!