Westward Care: “Georgia loves the staff!”

At National Care Group, we want to recognise how we can have an impact on the lives of the people we support and what it takes to be a Support Worker.

We understand the importance of testimonials, and whilst we have several blogs and videos from the perspective of our staff and services, we want to hear from those impacted most by the care we provide – the individual we support and their families.

That is why we have launched a new video campaign featuring the families of the individual we support discussing how the service has supported the person so far and why the role of a Support Worker is so important.

The video features Georgia, an individual we support at Westward Care, and her mother who talks about how the staff at Westward have been able to help Georgia in the six years she has been at the service.

The staff are very approachable, we trust them and it’s important that they communicate with us which they do on a regular basis

It is feedback such as this that really motivates our care services and staff to continue to provide the highest quality of care and ensure the people we support are living rewarding lives.

She would later go on to speak about what certain qualities you need to be able to do the role of a Support Worker…

You need to be passionate about the role and have a sense of fun!

The role of a Support Worker is more than just caring for the individual, we want them to build a relationship based on trust and respect, whilst enhancing their skills and knowledge at their care service.