Regent College win the Outstanding Achievement Award

Care Group are delighted to announce the team at Regent College have won this month’s Outstanding Achievement Award!

The winners include, Petrina Blacklock, Mandy Curl, Donna Fourie, Paul James, Claire Lightfoot and Lily Hunter.

The team showed Passion, Empowerment, Respect and Collaboration, in the work the work they do and are deserving winners of this  months award.

Their story…

On a visit to a local countryside park, an individual suffered a near tragic emergency.

The team were able to respond swiftly and calmly to a very challenging and traumatic medical emergency which involved administering CPR in a remote countryside setting.

The staff followed their basic life support training (recently renewed) and worked tirelessly as a team to ensure the learner’s safety.

They called the emergency services and followed their advice until the paramedics arrived on scene.

As the learner’s condition deteriorated the staff responded dynamically to the ever-changing instructions.

The paramedics praised the way in which the team had acted so quickly and calmly and said that they had had saved the young person’s life.

James Allen, CEO, praised the attitude and calmness shown within the team: “The team were able to help the learner during an extremely stressful situation and worked together to ensure they were safe.

Fantastic evidence of how a strong team ethic and trusting each other can help someone in a life threatening situation.”

Incredible example of dedication and leadership shown by the team who combined training and presence of mind to act accordingly.

Everyone at National Care Group would like to congratulate the team at Regent for this award!

Do you think your team should next month?

Visit our staff intranet and submit your entry by the 15th September!

Winners receive prizes including:

  • Love2Shop Gift Cards
  • Signed certificate
  • Special feature in our newsletter