National Neurological Services: James progress at Rosglen, Barnsley

James Wood moved into Rosglen in April, and as a wheelchair user, he was unable to walk and could barely weight bare, he was a 2-person transfer and was unable to wash or shower himself.

Initially, James was not engaging with staff or other residents and was not eating or taking his insulin, whilst also struggling with alcoholism.

james ros
James with his best friend, Maggy!

5 months later, James is now self-medicating, on a steady diet and enjoys interacting with his fellow residents, including his new best friend, Maggy the dog who lives with him.

He has also steadily reduced his alcohol intake and aims to continue his progress with this throughout the rest of the year.

And to top it all off… James is also showing incredible progress with his walking, using the railing to help him with his steps.

james ros 2
James has started to walking again!

A special mention must go to the amazing staff at Rosglen, who were dedicated to improving James life and went the ‘extra mile’ in his progress.

A fantastic example of how committed everyone involved at Rosglen was in ensuring James felt motivated and Empowered to achieving his goals and ensuring he is making steady and effective progress in such a short space of time.

Well done to everyone at Rosglen and especially to James for his amazing achievement!