Essential Care and Support: Tommy’s progress at The Grange

Tommy High has transitioned from hospital into
his new supported living surroundings at High
View, The Grange.

The transition was a big change for Tommy, but
he has done well settling into new surroundings,
with excellent support from the staff at Essential
Care and Support.

Tommy said: “I have settled really well into High
View and get along with all the other residents
that live there. I am the oldest from all the
residents, but we get along really well as we take
part in different activities together and learning
things from each other.”

Tommy has been able to build a good
relationship with both staff at High view and
within The Grange, with many of the staff
mentioning how helpful and polite Tommy is with

“I try to be as helpful as I can, and ensure other
residents are safe and are happy, even if this
means just getting a cup of tea or sitting outside
in the garden and chatting in the sun.”

Staff have been able to identify signs or issues
Tommy has, including his anxiety, and have
worked on helping him cope with such issues.

“This is a totally different setting to what I am
used to and yes it was hard, and I was nervous
moving here but I settled straight away with the
help of the staff and the residents.”

Tommy has made all the new residents feel
welcomed and has helped them all settle into
their new surroundings, as he knows how it feels
to move somewhere new and not know