NCG launches new look intranet

National Care Group are excited to announce that we have updated our staff based website, NCG Intranet, with a completely new look and easy to access content for all our staff.

Following the recent re-brand, we believe it was important that we were rolling out initiatives that could best support all our staff in understanding what National Care Group is looking to achieve and ensure that communication is clear.

Over the past year, NCG Intranet has become one of the key hubs for our staff to access content related to NCG, allowing our staff to find out more about our reward schemes, staff well-being initiative and our mission / vision for the company.

That is why to coincide with the re brand, the intranet has seen a complete revamp, from the overall look, theme and content that is on display for staff.

The new theme allows you to view several blogs at once, rather than scrolling through to find them, whilst the site has a much more compact feel to it, giving you a better opportunity to access information quicker and easier.

You are now able to find all our social media platforms with greater ease, with the bottom of the site showing our social icons on the homepage, but also visible on the side of the intranet when viewing different pages.

So make sure to give us a follow on all our social media platforms so you don’t mind any announcement or stories!

We also wanted to ensure that the intranet was moreĀ user friendly via smartphones or tablet devices, allowing all our staff to have access to the site through their best use of communication.

Please make sure to have a look around the intranet and let us know what you think by emailing us at