We have a new logo!

National Care Group are delighted to announce that we have officially launched our new logo!

We wanted to involve our staff and the people we support in deciding what our new logo should be, that is why we gave you the opportunity to cast your vote and opinions on what our logo should be.

Each petal represents our core values

After a closely fought competition between the four original logos, 37.5% of voters decided on the ‘4 Petals’ design that was originally created for Westward Care.

Our new logo features four leaves, each reflecting a core value that National Care Group aims to follow, with each leaf have a colour that resembles the original design of the value:

The change reflects a very exciting time at National Care Group, as the company continues to show growth on a national scale, with it’s most recent acquisition taking place in Wales – our first expansion outside of England.

“As NCG looks to an exciting future, we thought it was a great time to freshen things up with a new logo, but still keep our identity with the four leaves reflecting our four values we’ve aimed to achieve since the company was founded.” James Allen, CEO.

One of our core values is Collaboration, without working closely with our local services to ensure the people we support are living independent and rewarding lives, we wouldn’t be one of the UK’s best providers of care and support to people with complex needs.

Our motto is: National Care Delivered Locally

Whilst we are a national company, our focus has always been on supporting our local care services, that is why all our acquired businesses have rebranded with their logo’s being the same as the National Care Group logo.


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“One of the key reasons we wanted to rebrand was to ensure that all our businesses are integrated and fall under one umbrella, giving us the best opportunity to continue our growth plans and be more recognisable within the local area.” Jamil Mawji, Founder of NCG

NCG are now working on updating any materials or branding with the previous logo, with an emphasis on building a presence online with our websites.

We want to ensure that all our staff are being informed of changes being made with regards to their logo and brand, so if you have any queries, please speak to your Line Manager or contact media@nationalcaregroup.com.

“With the official launch, it really is an exciting period for everyone involved at National Care Group, with the company continuing to grow its national portfolio, provide high quality training to it’s staff and support over 1,100 individuals across the country.” Faisal Lalani, Co-Founder of NCG.

The services are responsible for ensuring that any documents with their previous logo or branding must now be updated to align with their new logo and that staff are being informed of their new logo.

Whilst our logo and branding has changed, one thing that remains the same is the importance we place on supporting individuals across the country in living a rewarding and fulling life.

No matter what changes take place, we will always put people first, as we look to continue our journey in becoming…

One of the UK’s best and most trusted care and support providers.