Wellington wins the Outstanding Achievement Award!

National Care Group are delighted to announce that the team at Wellington have won this month’s Outstanding Achievement Award!

The team, Lorna O’Hagan, Hayley Sansome and Ashleigh Walker, won the prize with all our judges voting unanimously in their favour.

The judges were swayed by how the team showed, Passion, Empowerment, Respect and Collaboration, the four core values we aim for all our staff and services to show when supporting people to live meaningful lives.

Their story…

The team support individuals at Rockingham Road, a small shared house for people with enduring complex mental health issues.

Over the past month, Lorna, Hayley and Ashleigh have been supporting an individual with severe complex needs.

All three have responded to numerous mental health incidents due to ongoing trauma their client was going through.

This is due to the team’s knowledge of the individual and knowledge of appropriate protocols that enabled them to manage and to respond accordingly.

The team have received praise for ensuring that the house was suitable and met the needs of the individual.

Why did they win?

The team showed a great blend of care and professionalism in ensuring that the support the individual needed was of the highest quality.

All three of them showed initiative and dedication in ensuring that everything was tailored specifically for the individual.

Matt Waskowski, Area Operations Manager, said: “I am very pleased and proud of the team at Rockingham Road.

Their dedication and knowledge are to be commended.

It also shows how focused the service is on their tenants needs and can respond effectively in the moment of crisis. Great Achievement, Well done”

Alex Costa, Regional Operations Manager, was delighted: “I’m so proud that the team at Rockingham Road have won the award!

Lorna, Hayley and Ashleigh, work so incredibly hard to ensure the people we support, many with very complex needs, can live the life they want.


Hayley, one of the winners, said: “Knowing someone has been recognised for the work they do makes this all worthwhile.

Working in care means you have your ups and downs, but winning this award shows that the team is doing their best and are being rewarded for it.”

James Allen, CEO, and one of the judges, said: “A great example of how to combine care and training when supporting the people, we support.

Going the extra mile is what this company aims for, and the team at Rockingham Road did exactly that.”