Learning Disability Rave

At National Care Group, we want the people we support to live fulfilling lives and not let their disability stop them from reaching their full potential.

We were delighted to hear that, Under One Roof, a rave organisation was able to successfully organise a club night that was specially designed for people with learning disabilities and their carers.

Under One Roof really shares our values, with their founder, Alice, saying:

 “One of our guiding principles is inclusivity. That’s been our thing from day one and why we wanted to start the party. We thought we’d love to be able to extend that out to new audiences who might not be able to come to our nights.”

Shane, an individual we support at Affinity Supporting People and Sam, his Support Worker, went to one of their raves in Manchester, with Shane having a great time dancing with the other clubbers.

Shane, who is an aspiring DJ, spoke about how despite his passion for DJ’ing, he doesn’t feel safe attending clubs or events with other people due to the risk of being picked on for his disability and because of the lack of facilities for people with learning disabilities.

“I’ve gone out a few times and I try to avoid trouble, it’s like people bully you if they’ve had too much to drink and I think a lot of people with learning disabilities get picked on because of what they are,” Shane said when being interviewed by the BBC.”

Both Shane and Sam were the main features in a report by the BBC, who followed both of them throughout the night from them getting ready for the rave to Shane having an amazing time at the club.

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