Ryan visit at the Football Museum

Ashley, a person we support with NNS, is a huge football fan, and has been a boyhood Manchester City.

Because of his love of football, staff at NNS decided to take Ashley to the National Football Museum in Manchester, where he was able to see the Premier League trophy which his team won last season.

He was also able to take a picture alongside the FIFA World Cup Trophy, and also hold it for a picture.

His visit also consisted of him seeing some of the classic retro football kits and visit the Football Walk of Fame art gallery which had a range of illustrations of famous footballers.

World Cup NNS

As a care provider, we want to ensure we are working alongside the people we support to ensure they are being active within the community through projects and visits that they find interesting.

Due to Ashley’s condition, he finds it difficult in areas with loud noises, and as a football fan, taking him to a football stadium was unfortunately not possible.

But our staff did their research and found that a visit to the museum was a great option for him, allowing him for him to have a trip relevant to football and be in a safe environment.