Recap: Mental Health Awareness Week at NCG

Mental Health Awareness Week was a great way for us to show our commitment and dedication to supporting all our staff with their mental health and well-being.

Throughout this week, we have launched new strategies, informed staff of the support that has been made available to them and given them a platform by which they can access further information and advice on the importance of mental health.

To help us develop the correct strategies for Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to make sure that the resources and content that was available to you was relevant, consistent and was able to advise you on how to cope better with your mental health.

The feedback provided by you in the Mental Health Survey was a great indicator of how NCG could help our staff not just during Mental Health Awareness Week, but also in the long term.

Key findings:

of staff have experienced mental ill health
of staff have not been informed about the EAP
of staff believed they didn’t have the right support network

Your feedback really helped us understand the issues our staff faced and what improvements they would like to see be made.

So how did we get involved in Mental Health Awareness Week?

Launch of staff well-being page

Many of you suggested that there needs to be an easier way of accessing information about the support available, and also be able to effectively communicate how NCG are dedicated in supporting staff with their mental health.

Our staff well-being page will be the central hub for all things well-being, from articles provided by our Employee Assistance Programme, introducing staff to support that is available to them and resources available for them to download and use around their servcies.

Publishing our Mental Health and Well-being guide 

Our Mental Health and Well-being guide is a great way to have a detailed breakdown of all the support that is available to you and also providing you examples of how we are committed to supporting you with your mental health.

From our Mental Health Statement to encouraging you to getting involved in our This is Me! campaign, the guide gives you a detailed description on all things mental health within National Care Group.

Manager Drop-in Sessions

staff rated the support they receive from their service as very well

An important support function for all our staff is their Line Manager, someone who you should be able to raise concerns to and can advise you on queries you make.

All our Line Managers are receiving Mental Health First Aid Training, which will be conducted by the NCG HR Team.

During this week, we encouraged managers to allocate some time during the week to host a drop in session for their staff to come to and speak about mental health in a confidential setting.

World Meditation Day

Mental Health Awareness Week coincided with World Meditation Day on 15th May, so we looked embrace mindfulness as a way of improving your mental health and well-being.

We encouraged staff to take part in Wind Down Wednesdays, where they can take the chance to unwind and try some meditation techniques either in the office, at home or at your local gym.

We also posted a blog dedicated to World Meditation Day, featuring podcasts and articles written by mental health and mindfulness professionals. You can listen to a podcast by Mari Lewis, who discussed how yoga and mindfulness really helped her overcome mental health issues such as burnout and stress.

Has Mental Health Awareness Week been a success?

This is something that can only be answered in the long term, but during this week we saw a big improvement in viewership on the intranet and participation on our Mental Health Survey

It has been a key suggestion made by staff who have taken part, who have stated that they are not being made aware of what support is being provided to them by NCG.

Key findings from Mental Health Awareness Week:

total views across all well-being pages
total responses to the Mental Health Survey this week alone

We are delighted to see an increase in viewership on the staff intranet page and more importantly increase participation in the Mental Health Survey, the more feedback we receive from the survey, the better NCG can create the right frameworks to better support our staff.

NCG are proud to have been apart of Mental Health Awareness Week and would like to thank all our services and staff who have also participated this week.

We hope the commitment and dedication we have shown this week will continue throught out this year  and we aim to make a positive difference to our staffs lives.