Mental Health Awareness Week: Physical Well-being

 Why is physical well-being so important?

Whilst exercise or physical activity in general helps to lose weight and make you feel more physically fit, it also is scientifically proven to boost your self-esteem, sleep quality and energy – helping to reduce the risks of stress and depression.

Positive Moods

Physical activity such as running or lifting weights can be an effective way to enhancing positive moods, even if it causes you to have a few sore muscles the next day!

For example, people with high levels of regular physical activity have been shown to have higher levels of positive emotions such as interests, excitement, enthusiasm and alertness compared to people with moderate and low levels of physical activity.

Self Esteem

If you go on a diet or take part in regular exercise, you could start to see the improvements you are making, perhaps you losing weight, gaining muscle or feel physically fit.

All this can have a major improvement on your self esteem and body image, you can start to feel more confident about your body and the way you look.

Research has found that participating in daily physical activity can lower ricks of depression and negative self-confidence by approximately 20-30%.


Physical activity may not be able to eliminate stress permanently, but it can certainly help with managing it.

Did you know: Physical activity pumps up your endorphins (your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters) which leads to you feeling happier and have less negative effects of stress.

Quality of life

Mental ill health can cause a chain reaction in terms of your daily lifestyle and the choices you make with regards to dealing with it.

You may end up turning to unhealthy habits such as excessive use of smoking and drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy foods which could leads to risks of obesity or even social exclusion.

Physical activity can benefit your quality of life in various ways, from making new friends at the gym to improving your diet to help reduce the risks of potential illness or diseases.

How are NCG helping you with your physical well-being?

Your well-being is very important to us, the work you do and the difference you make to other peoples lives, is something that we would like to recognize and support you with.

We are offering all our staff 10% off their monthly membership at PureGym, the UK’s biggest gym chain, and introducing them to well-being discounts provided by Health Service Discounts.