Endurance Care Kent: My Autism Story

The people we support at Endurance Care, Kent, were kind enough to send a few stories that they would like to see featured on World Autism Awareness Day.

We all would like to thank Scott, Megan and Robert, for submitting their stories, they truly are an inspiration for all of us at National Care Group – it is people like them that motivate us to provide the high quality of care to ensure we are making a positive difference to peoples lives.

The people we support at Endurance Care, Kent

Endurance Care Kent: My Autism Story, Scott Goode

My name is Scott Goode, I am 25 years old and I have been living at Church House for the past six years!

Scott Goode.jpg
Scott doesn’t let Autism define who he is.

What makes me unique?

I love singing and dancing, when staff and my friends join in it makes me really happy!

I like to sing theme tunes from my favourite TV programs and people are surprised at how good I know the words! I have a very big fear of dogs, my autism does not allow me to understand they cannot hurt me.

What makes me happy?

I have always had a passion for cycling, the first time I learnt how to ride a bike was at the Cyclopark, Gravesend.

Due to my condition, I like routines and get anxious when there are changes that are out of my control.

When some changes were made at Church House, I was unable to visit the Cyclopark, and I started getting very anxious on days when I would usually go to the park and ride my bike.

With the help of the staff at Endurance Care, I was eligible to get a car and since then, I have been driving to the Cyclopark regularly!

Endurance Kent: My Autism Story, Megan

My name is Megan, I currently attend Woodside day service 5 days a week. I have been attending this service since July 2017. I live at home with my family.

What makes me Unique?

I am a very sociable person who really enjoys interacting with others, my diagnosis means sometimes people may find it hard to understand what I’m saying, but I try my best to communicate as clearly as possible.

My communication is verbal and I will get my message across to to others, especially as I am such a chatty person.

Autism doesn’t stop Megan having fun

I do not like to be in crowds of people or to be surrounded by lots of noise, as it causes me quite a bit of pain and makes me very uncomfortable. To help me, I use headphones, especially when it gets too noisy.

Having a routine and structure is important for me as I like to know what is happening on each day to make sure I am prepared.

What makes me happy?

I am at my happiest when I am taking part in activities such as soft play, sensory room, bowling, swimming, cycling, trips to the seaside and shopping.

Indoor activities such as arts, crafts and baking are my favourite, I have two stuffed toys that I take with me everywhere I go called Ash and Oggy. At times, if I am ever having a tantrum, staff will use them to calm me down.

People say I have a very cheeky personality and enjoy talking with other people – i really enjoy spending time with my family when I am not attending the day service.

Endurance Care Kent: My Autism Story, Robert

My name is Robert, and I live in the supported living service Church House. I have lived here for 2 years and really enjoy living here!

What makes me unique?

I have a condition called Pica, it means I eat things that are actually non-edible and along with this, I cannot talk and can struggle to communicate with people, but this hasn’t stopped me from being able to have fun and interact with others.

Autism doesn’t stop Robert from living the life he wants!

Through using body language and pictures, I am able to get across what I need, and I always like to make funny noises or pull funny faces to make myself and the staff laugh!

Sometimes, I can come towards you and appear a bit scary, but that is only because I want to hug and interact with you – I would be a lot more scared of you than you are of me.

What makes me happy?

With having Pica, I like to chewing things, the staff have helped me with this by giving me toys or other items that are okay to at least chew – but not eat!

My favourite game is chase, it really makes me laugh, especially when the staff are running after me.

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects around 700,000 young individuals and adults in the UK. 

Symptoms can vary depending on the individual, but is usually defined someone who finds it difficulties in social interaction, communication and restricted or repetitive behaviour.