Meet our Apprentice – Joshua Appleton

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we would like to introduce you to our own apprentice, Joshua Appleton, 18, who has been at NCG for just over two weeks. 

Josh is currently attending Runshaw College, Chorley, where he is studying Level 3 Infrastructure Technician and is employed as an IT Consultant at National Care Group as part of his apprenticeship.

We sat down with Josh and ask him about why he chose to do an apprenticeship and what skills he is looking to develop whilst working for NCG.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I was interested working within the field of IT or Engineering since I was in High School, and as soon as I finished my secondary education and received my qualification in IT, I went straight into an apprenticeship at a previous employer when I was 16.

It really is the best thing I could have done, as it allowed me to learn about both in the classroom and also within the workplace, giving me the opportunity to develop my skills in both a personal and professional level.

How did you apply for an Apprenticeship at National Care Group?

My sister actually works at National Care Group as a Payroll Manager and she told me about the opportunity to do an apprenticeship at one of the UK’s biggest care companies and that is was a great chance to further develop my skills at a national company.

I had my interview with the IT Manager, David Swann, in February and was successful and within a couple of days, I was officially working for National Care Group!

What role and responsibilities do you have at National Care Group?

My role is to help David with his day to day activities, usually working supporting staff with their IT queries and developing systems to put in place which can improve the operational aspects of nearly 2,000 staff.

How are you finding the apprenticeship so far?

It’s been absolutely brilliant, the work environment has really helped me settle into my new role, the people have been really supportive and the work I am doing will really benefit me when it comes to developing my skills in the future.

The office has a great balance of having fun and also working hard, which really is a culture that I thrive in, even when I am working, the time just flies by because I really enjoy what I’m doing at the moment.

Even though it’s only been two weeks and I still have another 18 months to go, I am really looking forward to what the future holds for me at National Care Group.

What are you looking to achieve in these 18 months at National Care Group?

I want to develop my skills and confident to become something similar to what David is, an IT Manager role would be a great opportunity to further enhance my career prospects and take on more responsibility.

To achieve this, I want to continue to improve me knowledge of IT and what requirements there are to help the day to day function of our staff.

Why should people do apprenticeships?

They really are the best thing going at the moment, your studying and developing your professional skills at the same time.

Its also good for your work life balance as it really prepares you on how to better manage your time and tasks when you have a lot on.

Whilst I could learn the basics sitting behind a table in a classroom, going out and understanding the world of work is what makes doing an apprenticeship so worth it.

I now feel a lot more confident on what career path I want to choose and know what skills I can develop whilst working for National Care Group.