Respite Care: The Darnhill Festival

Respite Care: The Darnhill Festival The Darnhill Festival is an annual community event organised by the Darnhill Festival association working in partnership with Cartwheel arts, local arts charity based in Heywood, Rochdale.

Chrysalis Day Service has been invited to join the parade for the past five years, along with local school and groups. This year the theme was ‘Nature’ and staff and the people they support participated in five weekly arts and crafts workshops led by local artists to make costumers and banners.

Festival 2018 8
Great turnout at the Darnhill Festival! 

The festival was held on a Saturday, and the people we support were joined by their families and friends, with some of the staff volunteering their time to assist.

It was an event that allowed for inclusivity with everyone feeling welcomed and having a great time celebrating being part of the local community.